The Social Service and the Psychology Department play a leading role in informing, consulting, facilitating and supporting people with cerebral palsy and their families and contribute substantially to the scientific work performed by Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door.


To all human beings and to all creatures of nature we are related.   Sioux Nation of Indians

Aware of the fundamental importance of their mission, social workers perform their duties tirelessly, having as their main concern the confrontation of the social, emotional, but also practical difficulties caused by disability. They inform, consult and support parents and children and adults with disabilities, while contributing significantly to the preparation of their social inclusion and vocational rehabilitation.

The words of two mothers summarize in the best possible way the work of the Social Service:

“Thank you for taking care of our children so well, and for saving so much love for us too!”

“I felt relieved, as if someone had just lifted a great weight off my shoulders. In all the years that followed, my trust was not betrayed, and you never let me down”.


Only deep compassion can solve the mysteries of the soul.    T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)

The Department of Psychology provides evaluation and individual and group psychological support to all children, adolescents, adults and parents at the Open Door Centre.

A participant in the support group for adults tell us:

“Before I came to the Open Door, I always felt lonely. In the support group, I now feel closer to the other participants. I learn that they experience the same feelings as me, we encourage each other, we become friends”.