Where there is a true spirit of hospitality, nobody is a stranger.   Latin proverb

The provision of services for temporary and permanent living for people with physical disabilities has been developing in Greece since the beginning of 2000.

Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door constantly develops supported living facilities, such as the Respite Home and Residential Homes, where people with physical disabilities can feel happy and protected in a family environment, while at the same time their families can feel assured and relieved concerning the care and future of their children.


The Respite Home, as a relief and family support service, is vital for maintaining family cohesion and balance. It aims at offering hospitality, socialization, recreation and independence to our beneficiaries. At least 35 people, aged 10 years and over, are hosted every month at the Respite Home and, in the 19 years of its operation, it has responded to more than 6,000 requests for hosting children, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy.

Our guests and their parents tell us:

“I love you very much and I can’t wait to come again very soon, because I’m having a wonderful time.”

“She is always having a great time, but this time she told us that she wants to stay at the Respite Home forever! What can we say!”

“I had the opportunity to visit the Respite Home and see up close the love, the attention and the kindness of the staff. He returned home happy, clean and content. Thank you…”.


The story of the “FOTINI” Residential Home began with the urgent need of our elderly parents for a permanent home for their children when they would not be able to take care of them.

“FOTINI” was finally “born” in 2012 and since then its happy family consists of Makis, Leda, Orestis, George M., George O., Dimitris, Evangelia and Christiana and an excellent team of specialized staff.

“FOTINI” is their home.

The residents tell us:

“FOTINI” is our home, where we plan and manage our daily lives and build a future with open horizons”.

“We learn to live with mutual respect and to resolve our differences in a spirit of companionship”.

“Each of us has something to offer and altogether we form a tight-knit family “.


Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door continues to respond to the pressing need of parents with adult children with severe disabilities and founded a new Residential Home in Agios Dimitrios, Attica.

The “ARIADNE” Residential Home opens its door in March 2022 and it is the home of Akis, George, Vangelis, Panagiotis, Kostas, Tasos, Kostas, George and Margarita, offering them family warmth and security and relieving their parents from the responsibility of their daily care.