At Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, medical and therapeutic services are part of the rehabilitation program for every child and adult with cerebral palsy. Medical services and therapeutic programmes are linked to all activities with the aim of providing children and adults with the means to overcome their natural impairments, as far as possible, so that they can live a more independent and fulfilling life.


What matters eventually is not what we know, but how we implement our scientific knowledge.   Louis Pasteur (1822-1896)

At the Open Door Centre, all beneficiaries are provided with 24-hour medical services. The medical team consists of a pediatrician, a neurologist, a pediatric neurologist, a physiatrist, an orthopedic surgeon, a general practitioner, an otolaryngologist, a psychiatrist, a gynecologist, a pediatric dentist, a dentist and a nurse.


The Physiotherapy Department, fully staffed by experienced and specialized physiotherapists, serves all children, adolescents and adults at the Open Door Centre by providing individual and group physiotherapy and counseling.

Helen tells us:

“In Katerina’s arms, I feel that there’s so much more I can do”.


With the main goal of education, communication and socialization, speech therapists evaluate all children and adults and implement individual and group speech therapy sessions.

They also play a key role in the “Safe Nourishment” program, in collaboration with the medical and therapeutic team and the children’s parents. The program addresses 75 children of the Open Door Centre with cerebral palsy, and aims at their proper nourishment and appropriate healthy nutrition, according to the individual needs of each child. We warmly thank  The Hellenic Initiative Canada  for recognizing the importance of this program and for  supporting our work!

Mary tells us:

“You helped me find a way to tell you how much I love you”.


Occupational therapy is about finding solutions for the rehabilitation and autonomy of children with cerebral palsy, to help them to function as independently as possible. The Occupational Therapy Department, staffed by experienced and specialized occupational therapists, works closely with the entire Open Door Interdisciplinary Team, for a coordinated and holistic approach towards each and every child.

Occupational therapists also use the computer as an alternative means of communication, treatment and education of children with cerebral palsy, with the goal of their greater autonomy in the classroom.

Kyriakos shares his experience:

“The first time I managed to bring the glass to my lips, I felt that a miracle had happened”.


The therapeutic swimming programme operates in the indoor heated pool at the Open Door Centre. Its staff is trained in the internationally recognized Halliwick method. Therapeutic swimming offers a combination of physiotherapy, sensory integration and enjoyment, as children unable to move freely, experience weightlessness in the water.

Eleftheria says:

“When I float on the water, I am weightless… I feel like the ‘Little Mermaid’!”


The Sensory Integration Programme is an alternative way of therapeutic intervention and learning, through the stimulation of the senses, implemented in a specially designed and equipped area.

Demetra tells us how she feels about the games she plays in the Sensory Integration Room:

“I like them so much! My favorite games are the ‘dives’ in the pool with the balls, our ‘journeys’ with the swing, and the races with my teacher to catch as many ‘treasures’ as possible through difficult paths. I don’t get tired anymore, I feel more confident about myself and I can play many games for much longer without any help”.