There is nothing more precious for the human soul, than education and a good way of life.  Plato (Phaedon 117d)

Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door believes that education is a definitive factor in the life of every human being. Which is why it has developed a wide variety of educational programmes that respond to all needs and ages.


We learn by trying out the things we do not know.   Aristotle  (257-180 B.C.)

They say that “the beginning is the half of the whole”. Thus, our Nursery School aims to be the best possible starting point for children aged 4-7, by helping them develop physically and mentally, learn to integrate and share with other children, prepare for their transition to primary school and gain the self-confidence that every person needs in order to face the challenges of life.


The Developmental Playgroup serves children 6-13 years old, who do not have the mental ability to follow a regular Primary School curriculum.

The widely varied program enhances learning through the provision of multi-sensory stimuli, free and directed play and creative activities, while simultaneously developing social and daily-life skills, communication and socialization.


One of the primary goals of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door had always been to establish a model special primary school for children with cerebral palsy, aged 6-14 years. A school that would provide knowledge and experience, not only to those who would study and work there but would also constitute a model for society as a whole.

With the relocation of Cerebral Palsy Greece to the Open Door Centre of Education and Rehabilitation in Argyroupoli, we were able, in 2005, to welcome the first 40 students to our model Public Primary School.


The Extended Learning and Prevocational Training Groups serve adolescents aged 14-18 years and provide a programme that essentially focuses on bridging the gap between school and adult life.

The main objectives of the programme are the continuation and extension of these young people’s education, through multifaceted teaching and training on an individual and group level.

Alexander tells us:

“I don’t forget what I’ve learned at school, but I keep learning so much more that I didn’t know! Hooray!”