Services provided by Cerebral Palsy Greece

1972   Founding of the Spastics Society Athens/ Cerebral Palsy Greece

1973   The C.P.G. is housed in rental premises on 45 Archimedous Street, Pangrati, Athens



1973   Social and Medical Services

           Recreational Groups for children aged 7-14            

1974   Job-finding service for adults

1975   Youth Club
Acquisition of first school-bus

1976   Study Group, for teaching the High School curriculum to children not accepted in main-stream education
Sea- Swimming Programme

1977   Occupational Group for multiply impaired adolescents
English language lessons for children attending the Study Group and the Club

1978   Therapy programme for children from the provinces
Exhibition of Practical Aid Accessories
Series of parental guidance publications

1979  National-wide Campaign on Prevention of cerebral palsy
Lending Library
Issue of the newsletter "Ta Perasmata" ("Passages"), which is produced by the children themselves
1st Workshop in contract work
Speech Therapy Department
Issue of the newsletter "Ta Perasmata" ("Passages"), which is produced by the children themselves

1980   Special Pediatric Clinic
Physiotherapy Department
School Unit for small children with normal intelligence
The Study Group commences the Lyceum programme
Cycles at the Club: Theatre, General knowledge, English

1981   Vocational Training Workshop for teenagers
Pre-school Group
1st Camping Programme

1982   Launch of Special Education Groups for small children
The Study Group initiates the Second Grade of the Lyceum programme

1983   Therapeutic Riding Programme
Children participate in the Special Olympic Games
The Study Group initiates the Third Grade of the Lyceum programme

1984   1st Sheltered Workshop for young adults

1985   Special Group for children aged 6-10 with severe mental deficiency
The Study Group Programme is terminated, in view of the creation of a State High School and Lyceum at A. Anargyroi, Athens
Sports Programme at the Club

1987   Paid Help Programme, for parent relief
Dance and Movement Programme at the Club

1988   Psychology Department
Day Centre for adults with multiple disabilities
P/C Programme in the Special Education Groups

1989   Occupational Therapy Department

1990   Three new cycles at the Club: Literature, Art, Chess
Therapeutic Swimming Programme

1991   Teenagers' Group (adolescents aged 15 – 18: a transitional stage between the School and Adults' Programmes)

1993   Graphic Arts and Printing Workshop
Commencement of Job Training Programmes for Adults, funded by the European Union.

1995   Infirmary
Gift items Workshop

1996   Canteen ("The Break") – set up by Workshop students
Music Programme at the Club
Costume/ scenery/ prop Workshop at the Club

1997   Catering Workshop

1998   Evening Programme at the Day Centre

1999   Athletics Team
Institution of the Sports Club DROMEAS ("The Runner")
Parental Support Service

2000   Literature Programme at the Club

Inauguration of Open Door Centre

2001   All services offered by C.P.G. are housed at the  "Open Door" Education and Rehabilitation Centre in Argyroupolis, Athens
Nursery school for children aged 4-7

2002   Independent living Unit
Operation of  Library for Children and Teenagers

2003   Certification of the Special Job Training Centre for the Disabled

2004   Respite Home for temporary hospitality
Movement and Expression Programme at the Club
Occupational therapy programme (incl. use of PCs)

2005   Foundation of a Six-Class Public Primary School for children with cerebral palsy, at the Open Door Centre
Certification as a Job Training Centre

2006   Psychokinetic Progress Group for children aged 6-12
Prevocational  Group for young people aged 16-22
Sensory Integration Programme / Snoozelen
European Programmes: ESTIASIS, DATALINE and AKTINES

2007   Establishment of Nonprofit corporation “OPEN DOOR - Friends of Cerebral Palsy Greece”.
Gardening Workshop. Computer training unit. European Programmes: “Vocational training of home assistance for people with disabilities”, “NGOs empowerment”, “OPEN DOOR (EPEAEK)”

2008   Therapeutic swimming programme. Therapeutic riding programme. Dance-movement programme

2009   Procedure for the Certification of Quality Management System and Management Capacity in standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ELOT 1429: 2008

2010   Certification of Quality Management System and Management Capacity in standard ISO 9001: 2008 and ELOT 1429: 2008. Procedure for the establishment of FOTINI Residential Home

2011   Establishment of FOTINI Residential Home for 8 adults with cerebral palsy

2012   European programmes: “FOTINI Residential Home for 8 adults with cerebral palsy” and “Supply of equipment of FOTINI Residential Home for 8 adults with cerebral palsy”

2013   European programme “Employment in the field of Care and Escort Services to Disabled and Elderly "Development Partnership" FRONTIZO "

2014   Reorganization of the Art Club through ARTABILITY programme, EEA GRANTS, "We are all citizens" programme, Bodossaki Foundation

2015   Training and art seminars for people with and without disability through ARTABILITY programme