Open Letter

After 44 years since the founding of Cerebral Palsy Greece we would like to believe that our work so far has contributed decisively to the creation of a more humane attitude towards disability in Greece and that with ceaseless effort, firm principles, close cooperation, high standards and progressive action we will continue a steady and ascending course in the years to come. Cerebral Palsy Greece has managed to accomplish many of its original aims, however new challenges appear daily and the progress of science presents us with new solutions but with new provocations too.

At a particularly difficult time, our Society’s resilience and determination is constantly tested. Still our good name has encouraged acts of generosity, that allowed us to retain the high standard of our work, as well as the spirit of optimism and joyfulness that is so characteristic of the Open Door Centre. However the fact remains that with 240 children, teenagers and adults on our programmes and 110 members of staff we cannot retain the same rhythm of service without urgent, steady and considerable support from the State and the public. This is the truth and to you our friends and supporters we will always tell the truth.

The progress and sustainability of the work of Cerebral Palsy Greece depends on the determination of our children, the courage of their parents, the skill of our staff and the love of our friends. All our motivation stems from this source of assurance and strength.

We have kept our door open and our heart open to new ideas and new friends. We have never faltered and we will not falter now, nor lose our courage, as long as you give us a hand.

We are immeasurably grateful to all of you who have believed in us and supported us faithfully all these years. We thank you for travelling with us and we invite you to continue by our side on this difficult, but inspiring journey.

Daphne Economou