44 years have gone by since the founding of Cerebral Palsy Greece and 15 years since our move to the Open Door Centre in Argyroupolis. In these years Cerebral Palsy Greece has charted a successful and honourable course in the service of people suffering from cerebral palsy in Greece, with emphasis on their natural potential and their rights as citizens of the world.

At our Open Door Centre our door is wide open.

With full educational and support services, children with cerebral palsy grow to adulthood, with equality of opportunity to flourish and develop as individuals and to use their experiences, skills, knowledge and talents to the full.

Our Mission Statement stresses:

  • Our belief in the unique value and limitless potential of each and every person with cerebral palsy
  • Our pioneering spirit that has opened up many new pathways and widened the horizons for people with cerebral palsy
  • Our firm belief that education, culture and art are defining factors in the life of every human being
  • Our provision of high standards of service on all fronts and in all circumstances
  • Our determination never to give up as long as there is one child, teenager or adult in need of help
  • Our hope for a wonderful new world that we can all share as equals

These unquestionable principles continue to constitute the baseline of all our endeavors, as we embark on our fifth decade in difficult times, always determined to improve and develop and not to lose heart.

We will continue to carry out our responsibilities with great prudence and care to ensure the highest possible maintenance of standards at all levels in the face of an ever more complex and competitive world. We will be vigilant in any area of society where there is need and will always press for changes for the better.