Social Service

The Social Service holds a key role and contributes significantly to the scientific work of Cerebral Palsy Greece. Deeply aware of their mission, the social workers undertake a wide range of tasks, mainly aimed at addressing social, psychological and practical issues related to disability.

The Social Service is called upon to respond to a great number of case of: children, teenagers and adults and parents, which each presents its own needs and problems. The successful outcome of this work depends on the cohesion of the group and on the quality of its collaboration with the other departments of CPG.

Social workers play a critical role in counsiling, facilitating and supporting disabled people and their families, while also preparing them for social inclusion and vocational rehabilitation. They are also responsible for the assessment of new cases, the organization of parents groups, the organization of events and training sessions, as well as coordination between external agencies and the Society’s services. The Social Service collaborates with the Psychology Department, the Medical and Therapeutic Services, the school, the workshops, the Respite Home and the “FOTINI” Residential Home.

Parents Groups
The goal of the three Parents Groups (one for parents of children up to 18 years and two for parents of adults) is to give parents the chance to meet and support each other by expressing their feelings, thoughts and experiences and possible difficulties in relation to common problems they might be facing with their children. Participation is open to all parents.  

Summer Camps
Every summer, the Social Service organizes summer camp programmes for the children and adults of the Open Door Centre.

Paid Assistants programme
This programme allows for the fuller social integration of people with cerebral palsy by covering their basic need for companionship and escorting, while at the same time it offers some relief to their families. The programme offers to people with disabilities the chance to enhance their contact with their environment through a series of activities realized with the assistance of an escort.

Each social worker is responsible for one of the many files kept in the Social Service, which, as time goes by, constitute a valuable database for matters of disability in Greece. The Social Service also serves as a training centre by hosting social work students.