Prevention means informative programs, better care of the pregnant woman and the infant, specialized intensive care units.

The steps that have been taken towards preventing cerebral palsy are significant. Many cases can be prevented, if we make the most of the knowledge of medicine and modern technology that is available to us.

However, despite the improvement of the obstetric conditions, the frequency of cerebral palsy has remained steady for quite a few years, because very pre-mature infants can survive (i.e. 600 or 800 gr.), the conditions of treatment in intensive care units have been improved and the multiple pregnancies have been increased due to the continually increasing number of in vitro fertilizations (twin or triplet pregnancy).

Around 4000 children are born in Greece every year through in vitro fertilizations, 26,5% of which are twins and 2,9% triplets. These pregnancies are in higher risk for neurological damages.