Therapeutic Horseback Riding

This programme aims at a composite approach to horseback riding as a sport, as entertainment and therapeutic mean.

In particular, therapeutic horseback riding:

• Improves the body posture and control
• Improves the pacing, the balance, the coordination and movements of the joints
• Improves the visual-motor coordination
• Promotes natural movement patterns
• Normalizes muscle tone and
• Improves the respiratory system

At the same time though, therapeutic horseback riding:

• Increases self-confidence, self-discipline and self-control
• Promotes socializing and cooperation
• Cultivates the love for animals and the natural environment and
• Contributes to the improvement of attention, concentration and perception

Celebral Palsy Greece was the first Organization for children with disabilities in Greece that believed in the benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding.

In 1983, a programme for therapeutic horseback riding was launched, which was temporarily interrupted by the re-housing of Celebral Palsy Greece in Argyroupoli and started running again in 2008 with funding from the Operational Programme "Employment and Vocational Training" of the Ministry of Employment and Social Protection.

However, since the completion of the European Programme, Celebral Palsy Greece is unable to continue running the programme of Therapeutic Horseback Riding with its own resources and is therefore looking for a company-sponsor that through its policy for Corporate Social Responsibility would want to fund the suggested programme of Therapeutic Horseback Riding for 10 children with celebral palsy.