The physiotherapy department is staffed by highly qualified physiotherapists, whose purpose is to improve the physical condition of the children, teenagers and adults, by enhancing their functional performance and reducing their dependency.  

Specific and realizable goals are set for each child and progress is regularly monitored and assessed.

Individual therapeutic intervention is integrated into the educational programme of the nursery school, the developmental playgroups, the school and the teenage groups, with regular counseling provided to parents (through home visits) while group therapeutic sessions are implemented in every department and for every age-group.

The therapeutic regime for each child is planned in collaboration with the medical team and the specialists responsible for the overall confrontation of each individual’s specific needs. Part of the Physiotherapy department’s responsibility is the running of the Correct Seating Clinic and therapists, trained in the Halliwick method, offer their specialized services to the Therapeutic Swimming Programme.

The physiotherapists are involved in the operational needs of the Open Door Centre and the security and comfort of the children and participate in all educational, artistic and sport events.