Occupational therapy Department

Qualified occupational therapists are deployd in programmes for teenagers and adults, where their therapeutic and educatiional role is decisive.

The specialized knowledge and skill of the occupational therapists is essential for developing the skills of the trainees and resolving many practical and technical problems. The contribution of the occupational therapists in the Production Workshops and the Day Centre, and in the programmes financed by the European Commission -in which they function as leaders, organisers and educators- helps in the success of such programmes and the advancement of new initiatives.

The Department offers individual occupational therapy courses to children and adults, and group therapy to all classes.

Meetings with parents, involving home visits and advice on ergonomic matters. The Department also participates in market research regarding the equipment used in the Sensory Integration /Snoezelen department and the aid-technology products available in the market.

The P/C occupational therapy programme promotes communication, therapy and education with the ultimate objective of enabling children with limited physical ability to participate actively in the context of the classroom's requirements but also in their life as a whole.