Respite Home

With the founding of the only Respite Home for Temporary Care in Greece, Cerebral Palsy Greece has continued a long tradition of innovative, pioneering services that reflect the real, contemporary needs of persons with cerebral palsy.

The need for a Respite Home was recognized years ago and was one of the highest priorities for the families of CPG. However, in these difficult times we would have been unable to launch and operate such an ambitious and costly service without support from the Vodafone Group Foundation, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, the Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs (KIKPE), the Limmat Stiftung and the Fondation d'Entreprise Hermès. Cerebral Palsy Greece owes the greatest gratitude to the above foundations for their support in the last thirteen years.

From the commencement of its operation in 2004 until December 2018, the Respite Home has offered hospitality to more than 5.000 children and adults with cerebral palsy. Guests usually stay for one week, but in particular circumstances guests can stay for up to three months. The above graph shows the number of weekly sessions of hospitality offered to boys and girls over the age of ten, in the last ten years.



 The primary aims of the Respite Home are:

  • Immediate support to parents in the event of a family crises (illness, death, divorce, etc.)
  • Regular respite to parents, children and adults
  • Training in independent living and temporary disengagement from the family environment for young adults.

The Respite Home is run by specialized personnel, from different disciplines and operates 24 hours a day, five days a week and throughout the year. In addition, the Respite Home is served by a physician, who monitors residents and covers any exceptional incident on a 24 hour basis and is supported by the Social Service and the full team of specialists and support staff of the Open Door Centre.

To attain its objectives, the Respite Home offers temporary hospitality in a secure and friendly family environment, adapted to the particular age and needs of each guest. The staff-team is conscientious, responsible and creative and every effort is made to provide our guests with a ‘home away from home’, where they can enjoy greater independence and new experiences with their friends. With the help of volunteers, a wide range of recreational and educational activities are organized by the Respite Home staff after school hours, that include nights-out at local restaurants, rides on the metro, visits to museums, art-galleries, plays and movies, excursions and sea-bathing in the summer.

After 13 years of smooth and uninterrupted operation, the conclusion derived from parents' and guests' comments is that the Respite Home addresses a very important need, and its operation creates a feeling of optimism, warmth and security that pervades the whole Open Door Centre.

“I was so happy that I had such a wonderful time away from home, with friends. I love you all ″. Maria

“My stay with you was so comfortable and relaxing that I want to come back again to find the same friendly atmosphere, the same care, the same smiles″. Nikos

“Staying at the Respite Home is a continuous party”. Eleni

“I enjoyed our walks in the city with my friends and I wish my whole life could be an endless walk”. George

“As always, the Respite Home is my most fun activity. When it's time to go back home, I feel sorry”. Sotiris

“I have to confess that I have rarely had the opportunity to see my 23 years old son so happy. From his words, it seems that what made him happy was the kindness and care that he received in the Respite Home. The affection, the gaiety, the fun. Keep it that way as it is the optimum gift you can offer our children”. Κ.Μ, parent

“Please continue your work showing the same determination and enthusiasm you have shown so far. We need you”. D.G, parent

“My son has no verbal communication, but we can feel his joy after he has stayed at the Respite Home. Thank you for everything”. Κ.Μ., parent

A survey made with the conclusion of 10 years of operation gave the following results:

  • For all the families, the Respite Home has offered a solution to major problems, but also the opportunity to enjoy some free time, without the constant care of their child with disability
  • The care and activities provided by the Respite Home offer the guests personal satisfaction, while parents know that their children are in a secure environment where they are encouraged to activate their full physical and emotional potential
  • All of our guests wish to attend the Respite Home as frequently as possible and for longer stays
  • The inclusive daily activities of the Respite Home offer the guests the opportunity to experience greater autonomy in decision-taking and choices
  • Above all the Respite Home guests enjoy their participation in and contribution to the life of the world in which they live. In this way they feel that they are a vital, positive part of society.