FOTINI Residential Home

The issue of permanent residential care for adults with cerebral palsy when home care becomes problematic and the desire of many adults for independent living have been two of the main concerns of parents, and therefore of Cerebral Palsy Greece, over the years.

The first step towards this direction was made by professor Ioannis Schinas who donated his two-floor family home at 61, Agathoupoleos street to CPG, for this purpose. Then, it was the Stavros Niarchos Foundation financing the necessary modifications in the building, along with the European programme “Human Resources Development” covering the operating costs of the first three years that allowed us to open the FOTINI Residential Home at the end of 2012.

The operation of this Home aims at supporting adults in their everyday life, while avoiding marginalization and institutionalization. It also aims at independent living, if an adult with disabilities desires so.

FOTINI is “home” for 8 adults (5 men and 3 women) with cerebral palsy.  Specialized scientific and assistive staff and one general practitioner doctor serve the Home on a regular basis.

The Home is supported by a group of highly motivated volunteers and after three years operation it has become an integral part of the neighborhood.  

We believe that the comments of the residents, their parents and the staff reflect the warm, cooperative spirit of the FOTINI Residential Home.

The residents write:

«We are all satisfied with our life at FOTINI and we feel that it is a confirmation of our great need for independent and autonomous living. We have been provided with all the necessary means to strengthen our abilities and skills and increase our confidence. We have been encouraged to take on even more initiatives and engage creatively in our daily activities inside and outside our home. We are satisfied with the services offered by the staff and we have developed loving and trusting relationships with them».

Evidence of these positive emotions are the comments on the video ( and the minutes of the conference held on 20/6/2014 to commemorate the first two years of operation.

The parents write:

«We feel deepest gratitude for the establishment of the FOTINI Residential Home, which offers security for the future and the care and the development of our children through all the services provided in the Home».

 «The operation of FOTINI is characterized primarily by the quality of the staff as a whole, working effectively, with an extremely serious sense of its role, with love, with professionalism and above all with compassion and selflessness. Staff that knows how to be stable and not strict, organized, decent and with complete acceptance and respect for the personality of others, friend, assistant, parent, confessor, and much much more».

The staff writes:

«All the residents of FOTINI have accepted us, as their second family. We coexist in harmony, with our everyday joys and sadnesses, like a regular family. Orestis, George, Evangelia, Christiana, Lyda, Makis, Dimitris and George are all wonderful and unique and we love them all. Our Director Katerina and our Deputy Director Sotiris understand and care for us. FOTINI is the work of a life-time for all of us».

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