Day Centre


The Day Centre is the outcome of the Society’s long experience in the organization of workshops and programmes for severely disabled adults. This is the programme with the highest rate of applications, as no other Centre adresses the need of adults with profound physical and mental impairment.

Run by specialized staff it accommodates 62 adults in total, who attend three times a week and are divided into three groups. The activities respond to the capacities, age and interests of the participants and are constantly renewed.

The Day Center's primary aim is to offer meaningful, functional and productive occupational activities, based on the assessment of the capability and needs of each individual. This approach leads to the preservation, improvement and development of the mental, functional and social abilities of each individual and equally to the prevention  as far as possible of pathological dysfunction and reactionary patterns. The programme also aims at encouraging a greater degree of autonomy, self-esteem, socialization and mobility and helps to develop leisure time pursuits and team spirit.

Sports, music, movement/dance, therapeutic swimming, library persuits and computer training are the activities that complete the programme. The Day Centre is served by the medical and social services and the therapeutic programmes as well as the Respite Home. Also, it collaborates with the other workshops, accepts orders for hand-made articles and takes part in the Christmas and Easter bazaars.