Productive workshops

Commencing in 1993, Cerebral Palsy Greece has implemented a series of vocational training programmes, originally financed through programmes of the European Union to continue later on as sheltered productive workshops.

In 2013, through the European programme “Vocational Training & Consulting Services for Disabled People”, the productive workshops were radically reorganized in terms of their operation.

We consider that the operation and the organization of the workshops, which now operate as small businesses, the experience acquired by their members and the good cooperation of staff, are the main factors that contribute to their success.

The most important factor is that, through active participation in the activities of the workshops, improvement of skills and social behavior of its members are evident, and parents recognize that their children are active, energetic, functional and above all happy in their home environment.

Cerebral Palsy Greece / Open Door continues its efforts to include people with severe physical disabilities in legislation relating to the operation of protected workshops and cooperatives, while ultimate objective remains the establishment of small social corporations and the placement of our young people in the open labor market .

1.The “Pandora” Gift Items and the “Pearl” Jewelry & Accessories Workshops are staffed by specialized personnel. The workshops operate on a continuous vocational training process, while simultaneously producing fine new items, in order to attract clients and orders and promote the handicrafts of the trainees.

The fine items produced in the workshops are on display at the PANDORA Boutique and are sold at bazaars on our own and other premises.

2.The “Beehive” Pastry Workshop is run by specialized personnel and undertakes the production of pastries and other delicious foods on a weekly basis to cover the needs of the PANDORA Boutique, while at the same time it prepares and distributes the daily meals of the children and adults attending programmes at the Centre. The participants receive training on the execution of a full range of everyday activities.

In close collaboration with the Pastry Workshop, a Canteen is in operation with two people in charge responsible for serving the daily needs of staff, volunteers and visitors at the Open Door Centre. Finally, staff and trainees undertake the catering for events held by the Society, as well as other events.

3.The Gardening Workshop directed by specialized personnel, has a pretty greenhouse in the yard for plants and tools.

The trainees follow a full vocational training course in horticulture and are responsible for the maintenance and care of our garden, as well as for the cultivation of plants, vegetables, herbs and spices that are available at the PANDORA Boutique and at bazaars and other events organized by the Society.

The participants also undertake the decoration of the Open Door premises and provide the catering service with fresh herbs and vegetables.