Medical service

The medical team provides services to all the clients of the Door Open Centre. Physicians examine all new references, review and assess all children, adolescents and adults who attend daily programmes and monitor their general health and physical needs. They deal with emergencies and make recommendations for medical and therapeutic interventions. A fully equipped nursing station is in constant attendance.

Recognizing the need for an overall approach to each patient, the medical team works closely with the therapeutic departments and maintains close contact with those responsible for all programs and services. It also organizes the Interdisciplinary Rehabilitation Team and coordinates case studies. The medical team is responsible for the complete medical record of each patient and our doctors cooperate closely with parents and external practitioners and contribute substantially to staff awareness of medical issues through in-service training.

Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door cooperates with the ATTIKON Hospital and the AGLAIA KYRIAKOU Hospital for xrays and laboratory tests and with the Dental Department of the ASKLIPIO VOULA Hospital.