Paid Helpers Programme

This programme helps in the fuller social integration of adults with cerebral palsy, addressing their main requirement which is companionship and escorting, and helping and relieving their families. The programme enables disabled people to increase their contacts with their surroundings, by going out and about with the assistance of an escort.

The Social Service of C.P.G. assumes the responsibility for selecting suitable people and co-ordinating escorts and disabled persons.

The escorts / helpers are usually young students or professionals in occupational therapy, physiotherapy, nursing, special education, gymnastics and the humanistic sciences. The Society always uses as escorts young people it knows well, who have offered to work as volunteers, or have practiced their profession, or worked as escorts in our camping programmes. The fees of the escorts are negotiated between them and the families, with no involvement on the part of C.P.G.

On average, 30 families every year take advantage of this programme, including children and adults who join the camping programmes and need helpers/escorts.