Special Primary School

Cerebral Palsy Greece believes that education is a determining factor in the life of every individual and that the problems faced by disabled children and young people, as they grow older, are in many ways due to their isolation and their lack of direct experience.

Many such problems can be resolved effectively by advancing a bold outlook, as to education and the multi-faceted forms it assumes.

One of CPG's primary aims has always been the establishment of a model primary school for children with cerebral palsy. A model school that will provide knowledge and experience not only to those attending classes or teaching there, but to society as a whole.
As of September 1, 2005,  as a result of CPG's long and persistent negotiations with the Ministry of Education, a Public Special  Primary School has been operating at the Open Door Centre.The School deploys special education teachers and specialized assistants, and is supported by all CPG’s auxiliary services (social service, medical and therapeutic services, transport, etc.).

The school operates as a model educational institution, based on the following principles:
•    identification of the individual educational needs of each student
•    drafting of an educational plan for each student
•    close cooperation between teaching, auxiliary and support staff
•    direct contact with the children's parents and families, in order to apply a common approach to learning issues;
•    close social and medical monitoring and therapy by CPG’s personnel;
•    participation in sports, art and cultural activities, which broaden the children’s horizons;
•    emphasis on sociability and contact with the wider community.

We believe that the above approach enables the children to attend an excellent school that fulfils the main aims of the educative process as defined by Plato:

"The soul has nothing more valuable than learning and a good way of life" Phaethon ΙΙ 7 D.

Although the Special Primary School that operates at the Open Door Centre, offering specialized primary education to 40 children with cerebral palsy, is a state-run school, it is totally dependent on the financial and technical support offered by CPG (full medical, therapeutic, psychological and social services, music, dance, gymnastic, library programme, transport and classroom assistants).