Developmental Playgroup

The importance of the Developmental Playgroup that operates at the Open Door Centre is that it caters to profoundly disabled children, who apart from their serious physical disability are further burdened by mental deficiency and problems of sight and hearing.

 The Developmental Playgroup that caters to children aged of 6-12, constitutes the continuation of one of our most pioneering and successful programmes, the unforgettable Recreational Groups that afforded such satisfaction and joy to so many children in the early years of our Society. These groups were gradually transformed into units of special education that subsequently led to the founding of our special school, but the need for recreational activities, where play leads to learning, remained one of our fundamental priorities.

In this spirit, the Developmental Playgroup offers a highly specialized programme of education through conducted play, appropriate for profoundly disabled young children, which essentially aims at the development of the children’s mental ability, communication and socialization. The Developmental Playgroup’s activities are supported by therapeutic sessions, physical education and music.

The programme is run by highly specialized staff and is supported by the medical, social and psychology services of the Open Door Centre.