Literature Group

This programme aims at providing further education as well as developing the cultural interests of its members. Emphasis is given to history and general knowledge.

With a good dose of ambition and a lot of spirit, we recently embarked on a study for publishing our own magazine.

In 2014-2016, during the ARTABILITY Project, the Group consisted of 23 members. The aim was to enrich the members' knowledge in fields such as literature, poetry, the Greek language, the natural environment, history, human achievements, and the arts.

In particular, we focused on Greek grammar, on Greek and foreign literature and poetry, on the historical facts of our National Holidays, on the chronological systems, on Greek proverbs and also on several word-games in order to enrich our vocabulary.

Throughout this time, the members of the group displayed great interest and constantly sought to enrich their learning. Curiosity, interests, group cohesion: all of these factors developed over time, and the members greatly enjoy their experience.

It should be noted that the Literature and Creative Writing Group actively participated and contributed to many activities and events of the ARTABILITY Project, such as the seminars and the trainings.

Activities of Literature and Creative Writing Group


The members of the Group visited the area of Monastiraki – Thissio, where they took pictures of everything that drew their attention and then wrote down their thoughts, inspired by their own pictures.