Music Group

A successful programme, faithful to the Society's traditions, is directed by a musician and currently has 34 members.

The programme is based on the preferences of its members and special emphasis is given to expression through movement and active listening.

The members are taught music through games, reading materials, composition, songs, and instruments.

In the context of the ARTABILITY Project the past two year featured several interesting activities related to music. The members of the workshop had access to various instruments, on which they could play and improvise. They also learned about the elements of music, such as intensity, speed, rhythm, tempo, and solo-tutti. These activities advanced the understanding of music but also reinforced the group's creative skills and dynamism.

The members of the group tackled speech-training and vocal improvisation, activities that exercise the vocal chords as well as breathing and hearing, and strengthen the group's cohesion and feeling. The programme included perception and auditory sensitivity exercises, lending particular emphasis to the imagination and music exercises combined with movement.

The group listened to classical music, but also folk music from other countries and composed a number of songs.

Activities of Music Group


On February 18th 2015, the Music Group and the Choir were taught new songs by singer Evgenia Syrioti.

On March 19th 2015, 14 volunteers from the American Embassy in Athens – choristers and musicians – along with members of the Music Group and the Choir collaborated in a three-hour, beautiful event, where various songs, representative of both countries, were performed. In the end, we all sang together in Greek and in English.

The Music Group played a definitive role in all the ARTABILITY activities and events.

Songs that the Music Group either created or practiced during the ARTABILITY Project were included in the Choir's repertoire during the ARTABILITY Art Festival in April 2016.

In 2016, a second Choir was born at the Open Door Center, the "Picollo Coro".