Dance group

Expression and Movement Programme

The Dance Group is directed by a dancer/choreographer and currently has 31 members. Even profoundly physically impaired members quickly realize that they can actually move, develop their creativity and imagination and express some deeper emotions through improvisation.

It should be noted that the Dance Group actively participated in many activities and events of the ARTABILITY Project (2014-2016), such as the seminars, the trainings and of course the Art Festival.

Activities of Dance Group

The Dance Group has created and performed a number of exceptional projects, such as "The Creation" and "The Rhythm" and in 2008 they prepared a small choreography for the 35-year anniversary of Celebral Palsy Greece.

For the purposes of promoting our work and raising awareness about disability, members of the Group, in 2008, visited a number of Elementary schools and gave dance lessons to the students. Moreover, a two-day experiential, dance seminar named "The Journey" was held in Rhodes, in collaboration with the Aegean University's School of Elementary Education "Alexandros Delmouzos". Following this seminar, another dance workshop was held in Chania, during a conference of the European Bobath Tutors Association.

On April 8th 2010, the Dance Group was invited by the Zografeio Lyceum of Istanbul to perform the show "Love is...". The performance was very successful and according to a publication of the local Greek press: "It has been a lesson for our students about the power of will and effort. They understood that there are people with special abilities, not with special needs".

Since September 2010, the Dance Group has been working with the Theatre Group on the preparation of new performances.


On May 19th 2015, the Dance Group rehearsed at the "Floisvos Park" in Palaio Faliro and they were filmed for the purposes of the ARTABILITY Project.

On December 15th 2015, the Dance Group worked with 25 students of the 7th Grade of the Psychico College in a dance activity.


On April 15th 2016, the dance show "Love is..." was performed at the ARTABILITY Art Festival.

On the occasion of the events at the "Stavros Niarchos" Foundation Cultural Center, the Dance Group worked with the David Dorfman Dance Group (DDD), who came from New York as the Foundation's guest and were integrated into the dance show "Love is...". The new project that came out of this collaboration was performed at the Cultural Center on June 25th 2016.