Arts Group – Monday

The Art Group currently has 31 members, who work with enthusiasm and diligence under the direction of an art teacher and her assistant.

The members work in groups or individually on specific or open subjects. Working in pairs proved a valuable experience for the group, both as an incentive and as to the results produced. They improve their compositions, experiment with new materials and a variety of surfaces and employ the dynamic element of the artist's language to set ever higher objectives. Members of the Group have exhibited their work in Greece and abroad.

In 2015-2016, the Group watched a series of films about the History of Art, ancient civilizations and also the life and work of great painters. All lessons based on the theory of Art were linked to related artistic activities. The members also created carnival masks, Christmas decorations, greeting cards and collages, and painted Easter eggs.

For the first time, a children's group was formed with 7 members, who became familiar with several materials and techniques and created artworks, both as a group and on an individual level. The topics that were chosen were inspired by each season and current events, but were also related, whenever possible, to the topic on which the adult group was working.

It should be noted that the Art Group actively participated in many activities and events of the ARTABILITY Project (2014-2016), such as the seminars, the trainings and of course the Art Festival.

Activities of Art Group


On June 27th 2016, the Art Group visited the Cycladic Art Museum, where the members were given a tour around the Cycladic exhibits, as well as the exhibition of the Chinese artist and activist Ai Wei Wei that was hosted at the Museum during that time.


On March 23rd 2015, three volunteers from the "Volunteer Action" of the NGO-OTE participated in an interactive art class (theory and practice) of the Art Club. Their visit was filmed and some of its parts were shown during an event of the aforementioned NGO.

On May 25th 2015, the Art Group visited the National Gallery and Glyptotheke at the "Alsos Stratou" (Army Park) in Goudi, and particularly the Modern Greek Art exhibition from the time of El Greco and up until the 30s.