Art Club

Cerebral Palsy Greece's long experience in the area of physical disability has convinced us that as an alternative educational and therapeutic means of treatment for people with cerebral palsy, the value of artistic activities cannot be questioned and when these activities include the participation of people without disabilities, they are transformed into a strong tool for overcoming the barriers that separate people from one another.

In this spirit, the Open Door Art Club, with its original and ambitious aims, actively seeks to enrich the knowledge and experience of its members through meaningful leisure-time activities and participation in cultural events, so as to achieve vital aims and lasting human relationships.

Since its establishment 41 years ago, the Club has inaugurated a series of carefully planned and highly successful art and creativity programmes, that appeal to the interests and aspirations of its members.

As from October 2014, the Art Club embarked on the ARTABILITY Project, an ambitious new undertaking, with funding from the EEA Grants ,"We are all citizens" programme, with the Bodossaki Foundation as fund operator (

The primary aim of the ARTABILITY Project is to develop an innovative far-reaching service that answers to the need for artistic expression of people with and without disabilities. The Project offers inclusive artistic activities, without any form of discrimination to people of all ages, while simultaneously providing art and culture to the wider public and a forum for disadvantaged groups to come together and share in a live artistic experience.

Through the ARTABILITY Project the Art Club operates workshops in dance, music, theatre, art design and creative writing on a daily basis for people with and without disabilities, something that only Cerebral Palsy Greece has seriously practiced in Greece. Beyond the Art Club's workshops, the ARTABILITY Project extends to a range of further activities open to the wider public, such as educational seminars in artistic activities; dance, music and art courses in municipal cultural centres; collaboration with schools and artistic groups throughout the country, in view of a final Art Festival that brought everyone together.

ARTABILITY acts as a bridge between people, by reaching out to society as a whole, and in these difficult and uncertain times for Greece, its overall purpose is to involve and motivate young people in particular, in an experience that beyond the immediate satisfaction that it undoubtedly offers, could well open up new horizons in their lives.

The number of Art Club members is constantly on the increase and today have reached more than 100 persons, of which half are children and adults with disability and half are ablebodied participants.

By educating the public through inclusive artistic activities and events, the Art Club is laying stepping-stones towards a new attitude where disability is concerned, the results of which will prove beneficent for us all.