Relations with related organizations in Greece

Cerebral Palsy Greece believes that close collaboration between organizations with similar aims is beneficial for all, and has always tried to maintain close bonds with related organizations in Greece and abroad.

CPG is a member of the "Together for the Children" Association of 10 non-profit organizations in the field of child welfare that commenced their collaboration in 1996. CPG is represented on the Board of Directors and the aims of the Association are:

  • to provide material and moral support to babies, children, adolescents and young people who are suffering, either because of a chronic, incurable or life-threatening physical or mental illness, or because of the death of a loved one.
  • to provide psychological and social support to families.
  • to raise public awareness about children in need.
  • to disseminate the principles and methods of volunteerism in dealing with the special needs of each child.
  • to collaborate with related organisations abroad.
  • to advance of scientific research.
  • to raise funds through cultural, scientific or sports events.

CPG always retains a close partnership with VSA Hellas in the development of cultural activities. We would like to thank VSA Hellas for once again inviting our children on the visits they organize at museums and archaeological sites.

Relations of mutual respect bind us to ELEPAP (Hellenic Society for the Protection and Rehabilitation of Disabled People) and IKE (The Social Work Foundation). Both organizations collaborated on the research project “The impact of child disability on the parents’ relationship”.

Among many others, we have always maintained close relationship with the Greek Guides Association , the Volunteers Association, the Children’s Art Museum and the Assistant of the Greek Ombudsman for Children’s Rights .