Public Relations

Cerebral Palsy Greece is fully aware that good public relations constitute an essential element for a charitable organization to make progress and considerable efforts is expended for the purpose of attracting the concern and support of society, as a whole.

Particularly in the last years, due to the severity of the economic crisis, the Governing Board recognized the imperative need for further publicity of CPG’s work and therefore, by looking for new collaborators, it managed to build a multi-faceted communication plan that will serve its future projects and hopefully secure necessary funds.

We always try to handle any publicity in a moderate and discreet way and once again the media respected our careful stance regarding people with disabilities, wo should be seen and heard, but not exploited.

The Governing Board would like to thank our journalist friends for accurately informing the wider public, as well as the owners and directors of the daily and weekly press for promoting our work and events through articles and interviews, and for willingly accepting our ads in their publications free of charge.

We also thank the CEOs of state and private television and radio stations for the promotion of our spots and the regular reporting on our work.

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