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Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door based in Argyroupoli (117 M. Geroulanou Street, 164 52, tel. 210 9622290, opendoor@eps-ath.gr), reserves the right to change the content of the website and its terms of use, at any time without prior notice. This Privacy Policy applies only to the website www.eps-ath.gr  and not to the websites of other organizations with which we link or are linked to us. Also, this Privacy Policy applies to online contacts between users of the website and Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door.

The following information aims to inform you about: (a) what kind of information we collect from our website and how we handle the information, (b) whether we disclose this information to others and (c) what your rights are in relation to your personal data collected.


Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, since its founding in 1972, aims to offer equal opportunities to people with cerebral palsy, to develop, as much as possible, their experiences and physical abilities and with the appropriate support to find their position in the society. Therefore, it provides to children, teenagers and adults with cerebral palsy, education in its broad  form, medical and therapeutic monitoring, social and psychological support, recreational programs, vocational training and respite care, services and programs that relate to every aspect of the life of people with cerebral palsy.

In order to inform the recipients about its activities, ie events, activities, news and initiatives towards fulfilling its purpose, CPG sends regularly newsletters and hosts Google Forms on its website. The data collected through them will be used by CPG exclusively for the newsletters and periodic updates for specific actions.

The management and protection of the personal data of the user of the website is governed by the terms of use of this section as well as by the relevant provisions of the current legislation. Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door keeps a safe record of the collected personal data, in accordance to the existing national law and the European Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data and the free circulation of these data (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter “Regulation”) as it applies.

Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door does not disclose the data collected to third party recipients. Analytically:

Newsletter / Google forms:

By filling in your name (optional) and e-mail (mandatory) and by clicking the “Register” button, you automatically consent to your registration in the Newsletter.

By filling in the name (mandatory), the address (mandatory), the e-mail (mandatory) and your phone number (mandatory) in any Google Form hosted on CPG’s website and concerns participation in events, trainings, voluntary services, etc. you automatically consent to your registration in the mailing list.

The mailing of the Newsletter and the periodic updates on the activities of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door is neither personal nor confidential mail. It is an informative material, which can also be read by the provider of the electronic communication platform.

In case you want to unsubscribe from the Newsletter and the relevant mailing list or to update your personal information, you can do so by sending an e-mail to opendoor@eps-ath.gr. Also, each time you receive the Newsletter in your e-mail, you can select “unsubscribe” and cancel your subscription, following the relevant instructions.

Online financial support:

In case of online financial support/donation, Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door keeps a record with name and e-mail. Online financial support/donation is made through web-banking, by using a credit or debit card. The service is provided in collaboration with ALPHA BANK (see terms of use-secure transactions)

The data kept is only for communication purposes between CPG and the user (issuing and mailing the donation receipts). In order for the donor to register in CPG’s mailing list, he/she will be asked for his/her relevant permission.


Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door protects the personal data of members and supporters and does not transmit it to any third party (natural or legal person) for any reason, unless required by law or requested by the relevant authorities. CPG maintains files with these data exclusively for communication, information and statistical purposes. No information provided by the users of our website is transmitted to unconnected or non-affiliated groups.


The storage time span of the data is decided based on the following specific criteria, depending on the case:

  • When processing is required by the provisions of the existing legal framework, your personal data will be stored for as long as the relevant provisions require.
  • When processing is performed under a contract, your personal data is stored for as long as it is necessary for the execution of the contract and for the establishment, practice, and/or support of legal claims on the basis of the contract.
  • For product promotion purposes, your personal data is kept until your consent is revoked. This can be done by you at any time. Withdrawal of your consent does not affect the legality of the processing based on the consent, during the period prior to its withdrawal.

To practice any of the above rights, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door at e-mail: dpo@eps-ath.gr, phone: 210-9622290, ext. 305.


Every individual, whose personal data is processed by Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, has the following rights:

Right of access:

  • Awareness and verification of the legality of the processing
  • Access to personal data and obtain additional information about their processing.

Right of correction:

You have the right to review, correct, update or modify your personal data in collaboration with the Data Protection Officer (DPO).

Right of deletion:

You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data. However, in cases where the processing takes place in the context of the enforcement of a contract, when there is an obligation of processing personal data required by law or when the processing takes place towards the public interest, this right is subject to certain restrictions or does not exist depending on the case.

Right to constraint processing:

You have the right to request the constraint of the processing of your personal data in the following cases: (a) when you question the accuracy of personal data and until it is verified, (b) when you object to the deletion of personal data and request instead of deleting the constraint on its use, (c) when personal data is not required for the purposes of processing, however you are required to establish, practice, support legal claims, and (d) when you object to the processing and until it is verified that there are legitimate reasons related to Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door and override the reasons you oppose the processing.

Right to object to the processing:

You have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal data in cases where, as described above, this is necessary for purposes of legitimate interests that may be pursued by Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door as processor.

Right to portability:

You have the right to receive your personal data free of charge in a form that will allow you to access, use and process it with the commonly used processing methods. You also have the right to request from Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door if it is technically possible to transfer the data directly to another processor. This right concerns the data that you have provided to CPG and their processing is carried out with automated means based on your consent or in execution of a relevant contract.

To practice any of the above rights you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door at e-mail: dpo@eps-ath.gr, phone: 210-9622290, ext. 305.

COMPLAINT RIGHTS TO THE hellenic Data Protection Authority

You have the right to file a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (www.dpa.gr): Call Center: +30 210 6475600, Fax: +30 210 6475628, Email: contact@dpa.gr


Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door implements the appropriate technical and organizational measures, aiming at the safe processing of personal data and the prevention of accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and/or illegal access to their use, modification or disclosure.

In order to ensure the appropriate level of security against risks and to select the appropriate technical and organizational measures, CPG takes into account the latest technological and other developments, application costs, nature, context and processing purposes, as well as on the one hand, how big is a potential risk of accidental loss or damage and unauthorized and/or unauthorized access to personal data, their use, modification or disclosure, and, on the other hand, how serious will be the consequences on the rights and freedoms of individuals.

However, it should be taken into consideration that there is no guarantee that any data transferred over the Internet is 100% secure. This means that even though we try to protect your personal data, Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door cannot secure or guarantee the security of the data you transfer to us and you do so at your own risk.


For questions and for any issue, in general, regarding this Privacy Policy, your personal data and their processing, or the practices of this website, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) of Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door directly at e-mail: dpo@eps-ath.gr, phone: 210-9622290, ext. 305.