Lack of accurate data is an impediment to any serious effort towards the solution of problems. In the 45 years of its existence Cerebral Palsy Greece has devoted time and effort to scientific research and has collaborated closely with specialists, government authorities and related organizations in an attempt to collect accurate information concerning the causes and effects of cerebral palsy and the current situation in Greece.

Since 1980 we have presented and published the results of six research projects, based on the experience of our staff and parents, but also on that of people with cerebral palsy themselves.

1980: publication of the preliminary study of 1977 entitled "Parents and their child with cerebral palsy" which looks seriously into the needs of parents.

1984: a group of adults suffering from cerebral palsy published the findings of a second study: "Athens – an inaccessible city for the disabled". This study won a European Helios Award and in 1994 new data was published on the same topic.

1995: publication of the first epidemiological study on the causes and the incidence of cerebral palsy in Greece under the title "Cerebral motor-skill disorder syndrome – cerebral palsy", in collaboration with the Foundation for Research into Childhood.

2004: publication of the study "My brother and I: the siblings of people with cerebral palsy look to the future".

2007: publication of the study "My home and I: the home of the person with cerebral palsy".

2014: publication of the study "My parents and I: the effects of a child's disability on the parents’ relationship”.