Staff education and further training

Cerebral Palsy Greece immediately realized that without specialized, experienced and motivated staff the rehabilitation of people with disabilities would remain unsatisfactory. Thus, during the 45 years of its existence, CPG has shouldered the full responsibility and expense of a number of scholarships and has offered numerous opportunities for the post-graduate training of personnel.

We have organized 38 international seminars and conferences in Athens and have invited outstanding scientists to teach and monitor educational courses for all disciplines. These educational events have provided our country with a valuable team of experts.

In the last ten years CPG has organized the following three international conferences: “Learning from the child” (2003), “Education, a determining factor in the life of every human being” (2006), “The Story of Childhood” (2008), as well as a series of seminars and training courses.

The results of the five international “Life & Art” seminars and the implementation of the ARTABILITY project were particularly remarkable as, through the miraculous media of creative expression, all the barriers that divide people with and without disabilities or people from different cultures, were broken down.

For further information see Scientific work of CPG (1972-2017), Broschures and Movies.