Enlightenment and prevention

Fifty years ago the term ‘spastic’ held a threatening and nebulous meaning, further obscured by ignorance and fear. Today through the persistent efforts of CPG the dim picture has begun to clear, as more and more Greeks become familiar with their fellow human being, who through no fault of his own or his parents, is physically impaired. This is a reward for Cerebral Palsy Greece, who from its earliest days has never ceased its fight against misconception and prejudice, through a constant stream of pamphlets, publications and broadcasts.

The nationwide Prevention Campaign “Fewer Children with Cerebral Palsy Every Year” was launched in 1979 as our contribution to the International Year of the Child, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Welfare under Spyros Doxiadis. For the first time, Greek people were informed that some of the disabilities that occur during the perinatal stage of development, as a result of brain damage, could be averted with the right preventive measures. With the distribution of literature and posters throughout the country, at least two million Greeks received the sensational message that the number of children born with cerebral palsy every year can and must be reduced. Unfortunately our appeal to subsequent ministers for the continuation of the campaign has received no response. Still we do not lose heart.

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